In 1962; five eighth graders from Birmingham. Alabama, Tommy Allison (drummer) Mike Easter (guitar) Rob Hackney (clarinet) Bert McTyier (sax) and Tommy DeBuiys (piano)  came together to form "the Churchkeys". .Soon,  McTier and
Debuys left, Hackney picked up the giuitar and they were joined by Charles Feldman (singer) and Chuck Butterworth (bass). The band changed its name to The Bassmen in 1964 and began playing at sock hops, cotillions and other local
venues. More changes came as Butterworth left to play with another local group and Easter picked up the bass.  In addition, the band was joined by Vaughn Rives (rhythm guitar) and Steve Gilmer (keyboards). By this time it was 1965 and The
Bassmen were in demand for college fraternity parties and other regional engagements. In 1965, The Bassmen were introduced to a "do-wop" singing group known as "Braxton VanSant and the Vandellos".The Bassmen backed up this group
and made several recordings with them at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals AL. As a result of this collaboration, The Bassmen released their own rendition of A Braxton VanSant original titled "I Need You". The record  aired locally on WSGN and
WYDE and other stations and gained quite a following. The Bassmen's star was on the rise but high school graduation was coming soon and they had a decision to make. Fortunately, they all decided to go to college. Allison, Easter  and
Butterworth to Auburn, Feldman to Alabama , Hackney and Rives to Birmingham Southern and Gilmer to Tulane. As luck would have it,  Easter, Allison and Butterworth all pledged ATO at Auburn where they were rushed by Jamie Grant. Jamie
were both graduating, so Allison and Easter stepped right in and Butterworth became a keyboard player. Although attendng Alabama, Feldman was able to join the band for most gigs. Over the next four years, this group became very popular
at Auburn and Alabama as well as other college campuses around the Southeast.  As graduation neared, it became obvious that the career paths of each member would take them in different directions and The Bassmen went their separate
ways in  June of 1970.  It was not until 16 years later on the occasion of their 20th high school reunion that The Bassmen were reunited to play. After that, it  didn't take long for the group to regain its momentum and popularity and today The
Bassmen are still going strong, playing the same great music that brought them together back in 1962.
Mike Easter
.Atter graduating from Auburn in 1970, Mike married his high school
sweetheart, Jackie and became a CPA. After 20 years practicing as
partner in local CPA firms,  Mike became CFO and part owner of  
Sonics Associates Inc (the supplier o
f sound systems for IMAX   
theaters wordwide).  In 1999, IMAX purchased Sonics and Mike  
subsequently retired. He and Jackie have
one daughter, Shannan
and two beautiful grandchildren, River and Colt.
Jamie Grant
In June 1970, Jamie graduated from Auburn, was commissioned as an
officer in the USAF, and married Karen his high school sweetheart.
After serving 7 years as an Air Force (senior) pilot, Jamie returned to
Auburn and studied architecture. After 20 years of corporate and
healthcare property management including 10 years at the Kirklin
Clinic, Jamie is a Director with ADAMS Management Services
Corporation a health care consulting firm. He and Karen are blessed
with 3 children and 7 (adorable!) grandchildren.
The Bassmen Alumni
Left to right: Chuck Butterworth, Charles Feldman, Steve
Gilmer and Tommy Johnson. No history of The Bassmen
would be complete without a tribute to these individuals
whose unique talents and personalities helped shape the
music and direction of the band. The Bassmen owe a lot
to this group and this seems like as good a place as any
to say "Thanks Guys".
Vaughn Rives
After graduated from Birmingham Southern in 1971,Vaufgn joined Rives
Construction Company as a project manager. He married Susan in 1972
and has served as president and CEO of Rives Construction since 1989.  
His hobbies include golf, hunting , fishing, flying and music with The
Bassmen. Vaughn and Susan have two children, Chris and Virginia who
work and live in Birmingham.
Mike Easter
Tommy Allison
In 1970, Tommy graduated from Auburn and returned to
Birmingham for Medical School. He married Pamala Sheehy in
1971 and finished the University of  Alabama School of Medicine in
1974. He continued his medical training at Birmingham VA Hospital
and St. Vincent’s, University of Alabama, and Eye Foundation
Hospitals. He has practiced Ophthalmology in Birmingham at St
Vincent’s  and Eye Foundation Hospitals since 1978. Tommy &
Pam have 3 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren
Rob Hackney
Meet the Players
A Brief History of The Bassmen